Asking for help with your dreams can be hard, right? Not anymore.

DreamFund is the simple, safe, engaging way to save for your personal dreams or support someone else’s. Oh, yeah, it’s fun too.

From an iPad® for the holidays to a college fund for the future, we help Dreamers crowd fund to gather the financial fuel for their Dream. And with the Dreamer's Promise™, funders have the transparency and controls to ensure the money is spent as intended.


Simple Setup

Just minutes to your Dream

Dream Savings

FDIC insured savings account, with interest

Pick Your Crowd

Dreams can be open to the public, or by invitation only

Dream Boosters

We help you market and grow your Dream, step by step

The Dreamer’s Promise™

A promise with control, so that funders can give with confidence

Gratitude Built In

Thank yous, just like your Mom taught you

How DreamFund Works

Asking for help with your dreams is hard. We make it simple and fun.



Set up your Dream in just minutes



Explain how your money will be spent



Attract funders with step-by-step personalized marketing tools



Share your success with your supporters

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